Transtech Power Transmissions


Dedicated Engineering Department

Our engineers have extensive experience in the selection and design of both single components and complete drive systems. If our standard products do not meet our customers’ specifications, we work with them to develop solutions tailored to their application and industry needs. Our mix of standard components and custom-made solutions provide our customers the expertise they expect from a reliable supplier with deep knowledge of the industrial sectors.

When it comes to mechanics, nothing is beyond our scope, but our niche is undoubtably planetary gear solutions. We have acrued a good amount of R&D in the design and production of various planetary gear drives that utilize Trans-Flex® technology. This robust, DNV-approved technology gives our designs numerous benefits over the competition:

* Maximum torque density (small footprint - maximum torque)

* Longer life (evenly distibuted load utilizes the entire gear)

* Up to 3x the torque at half the total gearbox weight


Transtech’s main objective is to deliver the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

We make every effort in locating the best manufacturers for our products. We also welcome opportunities to develop new products, either on our own or in cooperation with our manufacturers and customers.

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