Transtech Power Transmissions


Anode Hoists

Transtech specializes in extensive lifting mechanisms for the aluminum industry and offers equipment that can handle loads up to 40 tonnes.

Our product range includes permanently fixed as well as spherical jacks with attached hoisting systems (bevel/wormgears, electrically insulated flexible couplings, intermediate shafts, electric motors, etc.). All components are manufactured to meet today's demands for quality control; they are of the highest quality as a result of modern production methods and are housed within a sealed system. We have reduced the maintenance of our equipment to a minimum, even when used in environments with extremely high current and excessive amounts of dust (aluminum oxide).

Our fixed jacks are of sturdy construction that compensates for radial forces and rough handling. In using the spherical jack system, however, it is advisable to take care of the spherical bearing nut and spindle to avoid bending forces that can cause additional friction between them.

Previous deliveries:

Elkem Aluminium Mosjøen, Mosjøen
Sør-Norge Aluminium AS, Husnes
Alscon, Nigeria
NorduralL hf, Iceland
Hydro Aluminium, Nye Sunndal (See also "Delivery to Norsk Hydro" on our Product menu under "Custom Designs".)