Transtech Power Transmissions


Disc Brakes

Our brake manufacturer produces industrial brakes using advanced brake technology. With over 40 years of experience in design, production and selection of the best braking solutions, we can offer a wide range of brakes from 150 N to over 270 000 N of braking force. 




Pneumatic brakes offer fast-acting braking solutions for simple- and medium-duty applications. High sensitivity and short response time also make these brakes ideal for tension control.


Hydraulic brakes are appropriate for light and heavy use. Their distinctive feature is easy installation and simple replacement of brake pads. They can be mounted individually or in groups of several brakes.

Spring Applied

These brakes are recommended in applications where braking must occur during a loss of power. They are negative brakes and can be released using pneumatic, hydraulic or electric force. They are also suitable as stop or parking brakes in industrial machinery such as cranes.

Manually Applied

Highly useful in simple braking applications where a power source is not available and precise control of braking force is not necessary.


We also offer a broad selection of disc variations and brake pad composites. Custom solutions are available upon request.