Transtech Power Transmissions


Shrink-fit couplings

Shrink-fit couplings can be mounted easily and without any damages, different from thermally jointed or otherwise jointed frictional connections. The clearance-fit between shaft and hub-disc ensures easy mounting.

Shrink-fit couplings function by the same principal. Basically they consist of one inner ring and one outer ring, with corresponding conical surfaces By axially moving the outer ring against the inner ring – the movement can be done mechanically or hydraulically – the outer ring will be pushed outwards and the inner ring will be pushed inwards. The pressure between shaft and hub, created by this displacement, can be used to transmit a torque resp. an axial load, by using the friction between the two contact faces.

The transmittable load depends on the coefficient of friction between the partners involved, the clearance fit, the length of contact and the shaft´s diameter.

The success of this connection technology has several advantages:

+ Reliable transmission of torque greater than 11.000.000 Nm
+ Suitable for shaft diameters from 8 mm to more than 1000 mm
+ Quick and safe mounting
+ Insensitive with shock loads, impacts or corrosive environment
+ No fretting corrosion
+ No special surface finish necessary for hub and shaft
+ Compact design 
+ Hydraulical or mechanical tightening possible