Transtech Power Transmissions


Top Drives

Our earlier experience in the development of custom-made top drives has allowed us to aggressively expand our horizons in this field. With the further developed use of Trans-Flex® technology, we have added a new design to our portfolio (see drawing below). We have re-assessed the pros and cons of today's top drive transmissions, and incorporated our findings into a modular concept such that it is easily scalable from 150 US ton to 750 US ton API ratings.

In addition to the many benefits listed in the drawing, this design's integrated load bearing swivel is not dependent on welding, and it can be readily modified to suit our customer's precise requirements.

The drawing below is a representation of the basic design. It is shown with a hydraulic motor input, but can be easily modified to be AC driven. It can also be delivered with an inline braking system able to withstand break-out torque levels.