Transtech Power Transmissions


Anchor Handling Winch Drive

Newly developed drive unit designed for anchor handling. The gearbox is driven by two, 842 kW DC-motors that can be engaged/disengaged using built-in hydraulic clutches and uses a hydraulic shifting device to toggle between two gear ratios. The output gear is based on a planetary gear design with Trans-Flex® technology, allowing an evenly shared load between the six planetary gears resulting in an extremely compact solution.

An Airflex dynamic brake is integrated with the gearbox, ensuring a controlled drop of the anchors as well as other benefits.

Additionally, the gearbox is equipped with an advanced hydraulic and lubrication system to ensure lubrication and cooling of the gearbox's critical elements.

Technical specifications:

• Input power: 2 x 842 kW
• Input nom. speed: 1040 rpm
• Output torque: 410 kNm
• Ratio: 27.50 / 13.70
• Weight excluding electric motors: approx. 12 500 kg


Gear under montasje

Assembling of gearbox

Gearbox during testing


Gearbox output stage


Spur gears - Gearboxes for mooring winches

WG 600
2-speed 578 kW, 274 kNm

WG 750
2-speed 599 kW, 530 kNm with watercooled brake