Transtech Power Transmissions



The flexible pin concept was invented over 40 years ago as a means to improve overall performance and reduce total volume in planetary gear transmission designs. With the employment of an experienced team of engineers and custom designed software, we have further developed this technology to make it our own, hence the term: Trans-Flex®. This has led to increasingly more innovative designs and constructions of transmission systems with dramatically improved power ratings and longer life cycles. 

The key advantage to Trans-Flex® technology is that it allows the designer to increase the total number of planetary gears per gear train. This increases the shared load and gives the design such benefits as more torque in the same volume, or conversely, the design’s overall size can be reduced while maintaining the customer’s torque requirements.

Contrary to a conventional planetary transmission, where planetary gear pins are rigidly fixed to the planet carrier on both sides of the gear, a Trans-Flex® design allows the forces to dictate the position of each individual planetary gear.

The figure below on the left visualizes how a conventional planet carrier reacts when forces are dictated by a rigid pin design. The induced “torque wind up” reduces both gear life and bearing life and increases the probability of total breakdown. 

As the figure below on the right helps explain, Trans-Flex® will maintain proper gear mesh along the planet gear’s tooth faces regardless of its natural tendancy to flex.

A FEM analysis of a conventional rigid pin planetary carrier under load.

The flexible pin concept under load.

We have produced numerous custom designed transmissions using Trans-Flex® for applications all over the world. We take our leadership in this field seriously and are constantly working on ways to further improve it.

Projects utilizing Trans-Flex® are shown in our references page...